Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!


David and I grew up about 10 miles from each other on the West side of Indianapolis, and are all too familiar with the opening phrase of the Indy 500. When I was young, I could hear the cars racing around the track from my house and always felt a level of excitement, anxiety, and joy knowing what was going on just a few miles down the road. Those feelings are very reminiscent of these early days in launching Origami Made.

We'll be sure chat later about what we're working on as a company in a future post, but this is really a 'Thank You!' note to many folks around us that have given encouragement, office space, and guidance. We're thankful for the 'Dayton hospitality' all of you have shown us these first few months, namely Pomiet, Mile 2, Made by Jetpack, Specific Clarity, Nucleus Co-Share, and Lavender . 

Our launch date was in February, and since then, we've been.... working. We're thankful to have been surrounded by some amazing programming talent and business advisors, and have been committing code from day one, which to us, is amazing.

Thank you, and Giddyup.

Nate Sowder
Partner - CEO
Origami Made